About this website

This site is designed to critically evaluate and increase transparency regarding the German government’s contribution to international climate finance. It providse an overview of the financial resources pledged and disbursed, as well as the instruments and channels used, and name criteria that can be used to evaluate the impact of climate-related projects.

In addition, the German website includes a database that provides greater detail and assessments of how resources are used across countries and sectors. The database aims to include all German development cooperation projects that the government has classified as relevant to the climate and specified for the areas of emissions mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The federal government and the International Climate Initiative (ICI) are providing their own websites on German climate finance and publish project data there. We welcome this move toward greater transparency and study the information they contain with great care. We hope that with our own database, which does not only list the individual projects, but also evaluates them according to pre-defined criteria, we will make a contribution towards more transparency in German climate finance.