Info graphics on climate finance

The website offers a series of dynamic info graphics for the analysis of German climate finance illustrating its distribution on sectors, regions and country groups. The graphics are linked with the project database (in German only). They are continually updated with new entries into the database.

This page also offers additional illustrations of the increase and channels of German climate finance.


Info graphics from project database

Sectoral distribution of German climate finance

Distribution of bilateral/multilateral climate finance

Regional distribution of German climate finance

German climate finance

German climate finance according to World Bank Income Groups

More info graphics

German climate finance 2017-2024

Fig. 2: German climate finance 2017-2025

The green areas show budget funds, such as for bilateral grants or payments into multilateral funds. The orange bar areas reflect funds mobilised by KfW/DEG on the capital market, from which the majority of loans are provided within the scope of development cooperation. For 2023 and 2024, forecasts are only available for budget funds and grant equivalents of development loans, but not for mobilised funds. By 2025 at the latest, budget resources (plus grant equivalents) for climate finance should be at least six billion euros per year; mobilised funds are not part of the pledge. Yet, a target of at least €8 billion in 2025 would be more appropriate than the current German pledge. Yet, the level currently promised for 2025 has now already been reached in 2022, according to the German government.

Channels for German climate finance