Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR)

The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) was approved in November 2008 as part of the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) and is under the authority of the World Bank.


The PPCR supports both individual countries and regions in creating and implementing climate-resilient development plans with the simultaneous goal of reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. As a pilot project, the PPCR is gaining experience in expanding adaptation measures to other sectors.

The projects and programs of the PPCR are based on the respective national adaptation plans and complement further adaptation funds. The PPCR is offering grants and highly concessional financing (near-zero interest credits with a grant element of 75%) for various adaptation measures. Implementing partners are the regional development banks (AfDB, ADB, EBRD, IDB) and the World Bank.

Funding volume and Germany’s contribution

The PPCR has a project portfolio of $1.1 billion of which to date 80 percent has been committed to the funded projects. By the end of 2021 $996 million have been approved for 106 projects. As one of nine donors, Germany has pledged €50 million for the PPCR, which have been fully paid until 2013. (as of December 2022).