Deutsche Klimafinanzierung

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This site is designed to critically evaluate and increase transparency regarding the German government’s contribution to international climate finance. It will provide an overview of the financial resources pledged and disbursed, as well as the instruments and channels used, and name criteria that can be used to evaluate the impact of climate-related projects. more ...


  • GCF and CitiesGoing to town: How the Green Climate Fund can support a paradigm shift in citiesThis publication by Germwanwatch offers some suggestions on how to shape the GCF so that its finance flows better suit the needs of cities.
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  • 10 things10 things to know about climate finance in 2015This publication by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) provides an overview of the key developments in international climate finance in 2015.
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Climate Funds Update - a Database and Website with the latest information on dedicated bi- and multilateral climate funds, hosted by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and Overseas Development Institute.


Jan Kowalzig (27), Christine Lottje (14), David Eckstein (9), Gast/Guest (9), Lili Fuhr (9), Liane Schalatek (7), Anja Esch (6), Sönke Kreft (4), Sven Harmeling (2), Lutz Weischer (2), Linde Grießhaber (2), Sabine Minninger (1), Björn Ecklundt (1), Thomas Hirsch (1),